Sophies Woods

An Introduction To Sophie's Woods

Sophie's Woods exists, from time to time, out my back door, across the field which rotates between soy beans and corn, beyond some collapsed lengths of barbed wire and vine draped posts.

Depending on the weather we sometimes enter from the West past the long row of honey hives, or the South where we marvel at the size and depth of deer prints in the soft soil of the meadow. We have been known on particularly active days to circumnavigate almost the entire forest to enter from some unexpected angle, but no matter the route, the enchantment engages always, just past the first bit of bracken.

The real name of this kingdom or dimension or soft place has never been revealed to the Lab Pup and I on our many explorations. The few conversations we have managed with the more gregarious inhabitants are always difficult for mortal mind to decipher, and riddles or parables are the rule. We do know that the air is cleaner, the colors brighter and yet more vague, even the dark beauty of the twilight there much beyond the pale comparisons of our everday mirror.

So, with the plain man's need to label and categorize, I have begun to refer to this area in my notes and journals by way of my best friend and constant shadow, the Lab Pup Sophie, as "Sophie's Woods." She is the one who first led us there in pursuit of some squirrel or rabbit that crossed the path of our walk, and it is Sophie who urges me out of bed before first light every morning to enter the gentle seasons of this small forest.

While the contents of this site will not be exclusively dedicated directly to Sophie's Woods, it is inevitable that the influence of that world's magic will be evidenced in much of what takes root and hopefully grows here: An attempt to document any number of journeys by two great friends.

ęDavid L. Koehne & Paleale Productions